Dynamic DR Mammography-DM158
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Digital Mammography
for Further Precise Diagnosis 

Clear image and precise diagnosis solution for mammography screening Nowadays, breast disease is one of the most common disease affecting women’s health, both mentally and physically. A growing number of women are going for annual mammography screening program for early stage breast cancer diagnosis. If breast cancer detected at an earlier stage, the possibility of saving lives is much higher. Our mission is to help to detect breast cancer early and save more lives. We are committed to offering our mammography solution that help to provide exceptional care with confidence, early detection and optimal diagnostic accuracy。

High performance workflow for relaxing patients The round edges of the compressor could avoid skin scratch and make the system easy and comfortable to access, which provides a warm, more comfortable experience between the patient and image receptor and helps patient relax pectoral muscle. This allows the radiographer to position the breast for screening easily and quickly, reducing the need for retakes speeding up workflow, and improving the patient's experience. After exposure, the compressor will be uplifted automatically to decrease the compression time of patient. Patients could release compressor by themselves by using the compressor releasing switch at any time. This provides a patient-controlled environment, greatly reducing discomfort.



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